I am a professional speaker and frequently get asked to speak on Stress and Change. These are my primary areas of expertise when supporting people in business.

Strategically Managing Change

Strategically Managing Change is an important subject at a time when organizations have to introduce new processes, and modify old processes, in order to remain competitive. The impact of frequent change, or infrequent but significant change, to people can often be de-motivating and negative. It doesn’t have to be though. This session is designed to help understand how and why people react to change. The more we understand people, the better we can implement change initiatives, maintain productivity and maximise the effectiveness of everyone involved.


1. To define ‘Change’ and its impact both in recent years within Industry and on people

2. To introduce  a personality characteristic that differentiates those people who are likely to cope well with change and those who cope less well

3. To suggest ways of encouraging both personality types to work well together

4. To make a number of recommendations which ensure change initiatives are as effective as possible.

Each delegate will receive a workbook and a CD on stress to help them handle difficult periods of change

This is an interactive session using exercises and a personality questionnaire to illustrate the pertinent points, and includes time for group discussion.

Executive Stress Seminars: Taking the Stress out of Leadership!

Leadership stress is a common form of executive level stress in the workplace. Extensive research confirms that management style is a critical element to effective leadership. It is proven that people are more productive if managed by a collaborative style rather than an autocratic one. Dominant, authoritative people can be known for getting things done; but they also stamp their personality on an organisation and may inflict stress on their employees. Those with personality styles that are less driven than their own can frustrate them or seem tedious. Autocratic people can be demanding, less patient and intolerant. All of this adds up to a recipe for stress, both in the leader and in their employees.

Why Should You Attend a Seminar?

Sue is an eloquent, articulate presenter with wide experience of presenting to small and large groups. She combines a direct style with an engaging manner and professional delivery on this sensitive topic. This ensures that she not gets not only your attention, but also that you leave with your own personal blueprint for stress management based on your experience with  ‘Taking the Stress out of Leadership!’ New skills and strategies will be formed which can be taken back into the workplace and in turn will help your organisation’s bottom line.

What are the Benefits of Attending?

1. You will learn the Ten Point Plan: ten proven strategies that help you reduce stress immediately and make a difference to how well you handle it in the future.

2. You can be ‘wired up’ to a cardiac monitoring kit that is simple to use on a laptop or PC and which demonstrates how to reduce your stress and become more effective. It is easy to learn the technique and reproduce it no matter how stressed you are or what situation you’re in.

3. You will be able to determine the significance of your own symptoms of stress and learn simple techniques to manage them well.

4. You’ll be able to identify stress in other people and support them to manage it better

5. You’ll receive a CD and booklet that will cover the Ten Point Plan and longer term strategies for success.