Established in 1996 we are experts in Stress and Change for individuals and businesses. We offer a proven track record and a strong reputation in offering support, advice and consultancy. My name is Sue Firth and I’m a Business Psychologist with long-standing expertise in supporting people.

“My first three hour session spent with business performance psychologist Sue Firth convinced me that years spent working with other business psychologists had been a waste of time. Insightful and dynamic, Sue is all about rapidly identifying areas that can be improved and providing practical strategies to enable you to deliver your optimum business performance.”

Charles Graham
Daytona Motorsport

“I first met Sue as a visiting speaker on the Vistage business group circuit and was so impressed with both the relevance of the content she delivered, and her professionalism and effectiveness in delivering this content (on how to best manage stress in the context of busy executive lifestyles) that I sought her out for one-to-one work. Although initially I sought help to get myself back on track after the traumatic breakdown of a long term relationship, the consultations soon developed to take on a much broader remit, focusing on how I could best develop and forge ahead with real progress in the most important aspects of my life, both personally and in respect of driving my business plans forward. I almost cannot credit Sue enough with helping to enable, and crucially, fastrack this process forward. Her work is clearly focused and highly perceptive of the needs of her clients, she recognises the value they place on their time, and has a remarkable ability to get straight to the core work that’s needed to best help them progress most effectively. I thoroughly endorse Sue’s work, her expertise in this field is in my experience unsurpassed and is of the very highest calibre, she thoroughly deserves her standing and reputation as one of leading lights in this field.”

Dalton Exley
Exley Publications 


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