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It matters to me when people are unhappy; struggle to navigate through a difficult stage of their lives, or don't know what to do. I help people feel better by using my experience, tools and advice. I build your confidence and together we build a plan. With a plan you have more control, and with more control you achieve more. In business this approach fixes issues, directs problem solving, and defines an action plan, pragmatically, efficiently, and fast!
Sue Firth

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This is me, and these lovely people are part of my team. They help me put together the pages of the site, write the twitter feed, and maintain the constant flow of information for you, as well as promote my brand. They are essential to me and without them, I couldn͛t do what I do! Below them is the link to my Associates who are vital to me as their skills support the individuals who come in to the practice and need my help.

Sue Firth
Sue Firth, Business Psychologist

Sue is a specialist in helping people manage stress and change from an individual and group perspective.  She is an international speaker & presenter and holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree. She is a Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a member of The Health Professions Council. Sue regularly appears in the media and has been a guest/expert on ITV This Morning and BBC Panorama.

Kelly Ross Kerr
Kelly Ross Kerr, Technical Advisor

Kelly has over 18 years of experience as an internet and multi-media producer. His clients have included Paul McCartney, Queen, The Pet Shop Boys, Parlophone Records, A.G. Edwards, AmerenUE, Budweiser, Haxan Films (The Blair Witch Project), Motorola, MTV, Dale Carnegie, the U.S. Men’s Olympic Bobsled Team, and many more. He also has over 20 years experience in Television and Radio Production.

Georgina Yates
Georgina Yates, Personal Assistant

Georgina has over 10 year’s experience in many different industries.  Having studied Psychology, she has always been interested in the subject and thoroughly enjoys working with me supporting me with administrative tasks as well as having an input into the newsletter and blog.

Work With Me

1 on 1 Support for Executives

1 on 1 Support for Executives
  • Are you feeling beside yourself with anxiety or stress?
  • Do you feel things are sliding out of your control?
  • Are you prone to flying off the handle and feel your anger is getting the better of you?
  • Do you feel resentment towards a person or situation?
  • Are you in a relationship breakdown?
  • Do you have unrealistic pressures on you?
I can help

Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

Leadership stress is a common form of executive level stress in the workplace. Extensive research confirms that management style is a critical element to effective leadership. It is proven that people are more productive if managed by a collaborative style rather than an autocratic one. Dominant, authoritative people can be known for getting things done; but they also stamp their personality on an organisation and may inflict stress on their employees.

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Fixing Problems in Business

Fixing Problems in Business

I have extensive experience helping with:

  • Businesses mergers
  • Businesses owned by members of the same family but who wanted to separate to achieve their own individual potential
  • Top teams who weren’t transparent enough with each other so they took feedback as criticism
  • Teams that carried poor performers because it was too uncomfortable to sort the issue
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